Selling A Property - The Process

Look at your home through others’ eyes

You know how great your home is, but when you sell your property, you have to convince someone else. We’ve been selling property for 25 years, and we know what works.

We’ll show prospective buyers your property online, in the press and in our offices. The selling process can seem complex, but we’ll use all our experience to make sure it runs smoothly. Here’s our quick guide to the main steps:

  1. Ask several agents to pop round and value your property. When they’re round, don’t be afraid to ask their advice on prepping your home before it goes on the market.
  2. Look into the financials, thinking about what you need to achieve by selling this property.
  3. Decide who you felt most comfortable with, who gave you the most confidence and who you want to go with.
  4. Instruct the agent.
  5. Get viewers in – the more the merrier!
  6. Get an offer on your property and make sure the financials work for you.
  7. Instruct your solicitors.
  8. Steam through the legals.
  9. Exchange contracts and complete the sale.
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