Red Bull Soapbox Challenge

Red Bull Soapbox Challenge - Are We Nuts?

Alexandra Palace London 12th July 2015

The Red Bull Soapbox last graced the steep and winding roads around Alexandra Palace in 2013 and this year the event returns to North London, promising another helping of people-powered downhill racing

Here at Ashton & Charters we have put our heads together to develop that all-conquering, eye-catching racer in our quest for glory. Our inspiration, of course a property, but not one usually found on our lists in Billericay; The Hobbit House!

We have designed our soapbox, built a model, written our screen play and composed the music in anticipation, however we won’t know whether we have successfully beaten 1,200 other entrants until the end of April 2015, when it will be all hands on deck sawing, painting and hammering. This homemade soapbox has no motor and is run on nothing more than sheer courage, the force of gravity and maybe a little insanity. Bearing this in mind our cockpit team will be Mark Reeve pilot and his co-pilot Charlie Coppin... God help anyone nearby!