Introducing the lovely Jim Pyner...

Introducing the lovely Jim Pyner - window cleaner extraordinaire.

Window cleaning is the family business and Jim has cleaned every shop window along the High Street over the last 42 years; he still cleans 80% of the businesses and loves the people of Billericay. Jim says he has seen a lot of change over the years notably that many pubs have changed their names. Friday is his favourite day, not just because that's the day he visits us, but because after an early start at 7am he finished his day at lunchtime and heads to the pub for a well deserved pint.

He has been married to Val for 52 years, has two sons and any free time is spent with his seven grandchildren.

So here's to Jim, the star who makes sure our windows are always gleaming and show off all our properties beautifully. We love you Jim.